Thursday, February 07, 2008

How to be Green in the NYC Region? It's about the Blue.

Confused and tired of all the “green” marketing out there? Looking for a dynamic and simple way to learn about what it means to be “green” in New York City?

The CMRC is offering interactive morning, lunch, or evening workshops at your location. Find out what “green” means in our area. Discover the fabulous, often unrecognized coastal natural resources in and around the region.

Unlike information you may receive from the media or other sources, your guests will benefit from CMRC’s non-controversial, non-activist oriented presentations. The CMRC works with positive and expansive information and messages.

We come loaded with props, materials, and eye-opening interactive displays about the great blue and the biodiversity surrounding the city.

To discuss booking a speaker and your group’s interests call:

Cortney Worrall, MPA

718-757-1717 or

p.s. When you call, let us know if your business is interesting in learning more about CMRC’s
Business Stewardship Awards, offered to businesses that commit to practices which protect
the New York – New Jersey Harbor Estuary.