Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Green Roofs: A Solution for Urban Stormwater Runoff?

Green roofs have become a viable solution to many of the environmental issues that plague our cities and urban landscapes. They have the capacity to reduce energy usage, lower the impacts of the "urban heat island" effect, and most importantly to coastal cities, reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering our waterways and oceans. The following article by the Environmental News Network explores how the green roofs are quickly becoming an affordable and economical manner for increasing environmental conservation. Also, below are two links to local efforts by Columbia Univeristy and Greening Gotham to establish green roofs in our region. JB

U.S. Greenhouse Operators Find Green Roof Niche
January 24, 2006 — By Alex Dominguez, Associated Press

STREET, Maryland — A burgeoning U.S. market for "green roofs" has greenhouse owners cultivating plants that help keep out the summer heat and winter cold while also managing storm water runoff and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Chicago put a green roof on its City Hall in 2000 and since then about 150 public and private buildings have followed, including a downtown McDonald's restaurant and an Apple computer store.

The construction of green roofs has been spurred in part by the city's green building and green roof policies, which apply to new public buildings, and private developments and structures that are subsidized by the city.


Also, in our region Columbia Univeristy has been working to research and implement pilot green roof projects in many coastal communities. More information can be found at:

Greening Gotham Site:

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