Thursday, April 20, 2006

CMRC Participates in Planning and Redevelopment of Piers 7-12

The CMRC recently took part in a planning workshop to create a detailed vision for the redevelopment of Brooklyn Piers 7-12. Facilitated by the New York Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the event brought together many of the region's stakeholders to comment and brainstorm ideas for integrating a variety of uses on the waterfront. Historically the area has been an industrial area and many hope to retain that aspect of Red Hook's history while adding residential, commercial and open space opportunities to the landscape. Currently, the cruise terminals are occupying the spaces at the southern end of the Piers and the EDC is determining how to connect these uses with public access and community interaction. Below is an excerpt from the EDC website with presentations from the workshop. JB

Brooklyn Piers 7-12

NYCEDC is undertaking a planning and redevelopment initiative to help guide the future of Brooklyn Piers 7-12.

The guiding principles for redevelopment would include:
Sustaining and enhancing Red Hook's maritime identity;
Creating new economic development opportunities and jobs;
Providing waterfront access;
Improving transportation (on water and land); and
Strengthening connections between upland neighborhoods and the water's edge.

As we progress with this initiative, we will be posting additional information on this site. We look forward to your input.

Presentations and Public Documents:
Community Board 6 Presentation (April 3rd, 2006)

Community Board 6 Presentation (November 28th, 2005) (pdf)

Community Board 6 Waterfront Committee

Google Map of Brooklyn Piers 7-12,-74.008627&spn=0.014124,0.028582&t=h&om=0

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