Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Seining (Fishing) Under the Manhattan Bridge

Fish under a bridge? Yes, it's possible to find fish, along with many
enthusiastic kids and adults discovering underwater estuary creatures
at the beach under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

June 14, 2008 was a day of aquatic discovery for about 90 people who came out for the CMRC's and Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy's seining program.

Among the stars of the day were 2 striped bass, several Atlantic tomcod,
one young winter flounder, 2 bay anchovies, shrimp (Palaemontes species and
C. septemspinosa) numerous comb jellies, lion's mane jellyfish, 1 amphipod, green crabs, rock weed, and barnacles. We also found evidence of blue crab, oysters, blue mussel, clams and snails.

Join the CMRC and Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy for another exciting seining event on October 11th, 11:30pm at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Your eyes will be opened to diversity of the marine and aquatic life surrounding our great metropolitan area, just below the surface!

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